The stories of WILD HOPE feature inspiring individuals who found their path to action and are having real impact on our planet. But there’s a part for each of us to play, and many different ways to ENGAGE. Find your passion project and join the community of changemakers who are turning Wild Hope into a global movement for preserving biodiversity.

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Take Photos of Wildlife to Catalogue Biodiversity

Rewild Your Own Patch of Nature Anywhere!

Take More Action

Get involved today in community science, rewilding efforts, or amplifying the voices of changemakers near you.

Help Protect Brazil’s Wild Spaces

Brazil is a trove of biodiversity — habitats like the Atlantic Rainforest, urban forests like Tijuca National Park, and more coastlines, rainforests, and rivers that are rich with endemic plants and wildlife.

Make a Difference Protecting Local Birds

In addition to the impact of avian malaria, Hawai’i’s endangered honeycreepers are threatened by habitat loss and invasive predators — two problems that harm native bird populations everywhere, likely in your own back yard. Whether you’re looking to help Hawai’i’s birds, or if you’re hoping to make a difference to protect birds locally, the solutions […]

Protect Seabirds and Migratory Birds Near You

Seabirds like those in Hawai’i have been given a second chance by the volunteers, scientists, and communities that lead the work to reverse their decline. While these birds — and the threats they face — may be unique to islands in the Pacific, the work to protect birds of a feather can be found anywhere around the globe.

Engage with Coral Reef Preservation

Coral reef bleaching stands apart as a crisis with innovative, long-term solutions.

Learn How Artwork, Stories, and Outreach Lead to Action

Whether using your own voice or creativity to inspire action, or participating in community science efforts online, there are countless ways to get involved and empower conservation efforts near you.

Restore nature now with native plants & animals

Often the first and most effective strategy to healing a landscape is to pay attention to how ancestral wildlife, like native plants and animals, once shaped and strengthened these natural spaces.

Sea turtle facing the camera on a sandy beach with a wave in the background.

Do Your Part to Save Sea Turtles

Whether becoming a citizen scientist, or simply a vocal ally for sea turtle protection, there are easy opportunities for anyone to get involved in saving some of our favorite ocean-bound creatures.

Learn How to Help Wild Reptiles Near You

Reptiles are in need of support from conservationists and nature-lovers worldwide. Learn how to create more reptile-friendly environments and help build a stronger ecosystem for all types of critters near you.

Build a Mini Meadow… Anywhere!

Helping nature take root in cities can often require creativity, dedication, and planning — but when done well, these small patches of greenery provide a necessary patchwork of native plantlife for pollinators that are most in need of our support!

Rewild Your Own Patch of Nature

By focusing on weeding invasive plants, reintroducing native species, and letting nature reclaim a foothold, any patch of wild — big or small — can become a bastion for biodiversity.

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