The stories of WILD HOPE feature inspiring individuals who found their path to action and are having real impact on our planet. But there’s a part for each of us to play, and many different ways to ENGAGE. Find your passion project and join the community of changemakers who are turning Wild Hope into a global movement for preserving biodiversity.

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How to Make Your Yard a Wildlife Corridor

With just a few changes, you can transform your yard or balcony from a wildlife desert into a wildlife sanctuary. And, if you convince your neighbors to do the same, you could even make your neighborhood into a habitat corridor for wildlife! 

A monkey in a tree.

Support Wildlife Corridors Near and Far

Wildlife corridors are an invaluable conservation tool. These ribbons of habitat connect landscapes fragmented by human development or roadways, giving animals the ability to roam in search of food, water, and mates.

Three seed balls sit on a baking tray

How to Make Seed Balls

Making and spreading seed balls (also called seed bombs!) like those seen in “Rebuilding a Forest” is a fun and easy way to kick-start a local rewilding project and help out native wildlife. Native flowers and grasses are essential building blocks that benefit the entire ecosystem — by attracting pollinators and providing the cover of […]

Give the Gift of Native Plants

Planting native trees, grasses, and flowers is a great way to bolster biodiversity. Plants provide food and cover for animals and fungi, proving the foundation for healthy ecosystems.

Help Save Golden Lion Tamarins and Other Wildlife

Conservationists are hard at work protecting golden lion tamarins and other wildlife from extinction, and now you can help them from the comfort of your own home.

How to Make a Frog Pond

Amphibians need our help! Luckily, when it comes to the question of how to help out local frogs, the answer can be surprisingly simple: just add water. Frogs rely on water to lay their eggs and for the tadpole stage of their lifecycle. Even adults typically cannot survive long in dry conditions. 

Help Protect Brazil’s Wild Spaces

Brazil is a trove of biodiversity — habitats like the Atlantic Rainforest, urban forests like Tijuca National Park, and more coastlines, rainforests, and rivers that are rich with endemic plants and wildlife.

Make a Difference Protecting Local Birds

In addition to the impact of avian malaria, Hawai’i’s endangered honeycreepers are threatened by habitat loss and invasive predators — two problems that harm native bird populations everywhere, likely in your own back yard. Whether you’re looking to help Hawai’i’s birds, or if you’re hoping to make a difference to protect birds locally, the solutions […]

Protect Seabirds and Migratory Birds Near You

Seabirds like those in Hawai’i have been given a second chance by the volunteers, scientists, and communities that lead the work to reverse their decline. While these birds — and the threats they face — may be unique to islands in the Pacific, the work to protect birds of a feather can be found anywhere around the globe.

Engage with Coral Reef Preservation

Coral reef bleaching stands apart as a crisis with innovative, long-term solutions.

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