A gloved hand holds a baby black-footed ferret

Help Protect Black-footed Ferrets

Black-footed ferrets are still alive today thanks to the combined efforts of scientists, zoos, tribes, and other partners across North America. The work hasn’t been easy — it’s involved a decades-long captive breeding effort, wild releases at 30 different grassland sites, and even the development of a vaccine to protect against plague! It’s been a huge team effort, and public awareness and support helps make all this work possible.

Below are a few actions you can take to help conserve black-footed ferret and their prairie home!

Be a Ferret BFF! Symbolically Adopt a Black-footed Ferret

The World Wildlife Fund works in the Great Plains of North America to help conserve the continent’s only native ferret. Their work involves many hours in the field vaccinating black-footed ferrets and prairie dogs against disease.

You can support their work with ferrets and other endangered species by learning more about these efforts and by symbolically adopting a black-footed ferret!

Illustration of a bison

A black-footed ferret in a grassy field at dusk.

Volunteer at a Zoo or Park!

Another way to support black-footed ferrets is by volunteering your time! Five zoos around North America have black-footed ferret breeding programs, and around 30 sites across North America’s grasslands host wild ferrets. By volunteering at these places — or even by visiting them and voicing your support — you can help keep recovery on track for the masked bandits of the prairie.

Check out the list of involved organizations and get in touch with one near you to see how you can help!

Illustration of a bison

Four newborn black-footed ferrets

Spread the Word about the Plight of Black-footed Ferrets and Prairie Dogs!

Most people have never seen a black-footed ferret, and it can be hard to care about a creature that you don’t know exists! You can help support conservation efforts by telling family and friends about these adorable mustelids and the prairie dogs they rely on for food and shelter.

Start by learning more about the ecology of black-footed ferrets and prairie dogs at blackfootedferret.org!

Illustration of a bison

Three prairie dogs in a grassland