Give the Gift of Native Plants

Planting native trees, grasses, and flowers is a great way to bolster biodiversity. Plants provide food and cover for animals and fungi, proving the foundation for healthy ecosystems. That’s why organizations like ITPA, which is working to plant 15 million trees in Brazil’s imperiled Atlantic Forest, are so important. You can also do your part to aid native planting efforts near and far!

Here are a few ways to get involved in native plant rewilding from the comfort of your own home or backyard.

Plant Trees as You Browse the Internet

Did you know that your internet searches could help support tree-planting projects in places like Brazil, Senegal, and Indonesia? All you have to do is use the Ecosia search engine. All of Ecosia’s profits go towards tree planting projects like ITPA (featured in “Rebuilind a Forest”) and other planet-saving efforts. Ecosia searches have helped plant more than 200 million trees planted to date representing over 900 species. 

Switch to Ecosia and learn more about their tree planting efforts by visiting their website.

Illustration of a can

A man holds a box of saplings while standing in a plant nursery.

Give the Gift of Seed Balls!

Seed balls (also called seed bombs) are a fun DIY project for kids and adults alike, and they make excellent personalized gifts. Made up of a combination of clay, soil, and wildflower seeds, they can be lobbed into a patch of earth to easily add native plants to the landscape. Just make sure to only pack them with seeds that are local to your (or your giftee’s) area! The pollinators will thank you. 

To learn more about how to make your own seed balls, read our handy guide!

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Three seed balls sit on a baking tray