Wild Hope



HHMI Tangled Bank Studios
Anna Irwin, Head of Marketing and Communications

PR Collaborative
Renée Tsao

An Antidote To the Despair Epidemic: A conversation with Doug Tallamy and Sean B. Carroll

Homegrown National Park | October 17, 2023
“It was a thrill to get the call from Wild Hope HHMI Tangled Bank Studio to collaborate with HNP. It’s been a synergistic and exciting relationship that we hope will continue forever! We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Wild Hope, a PBS series incredibly aligned with the mission of Homegrown National Park®.”

Javier Robayo Talks About Natures Rights For Wild Hope

LRM Online | August 1, 2023
“Wild Hope brings various stories about regular people making a difference. Biologist Javier Robayo is one of them and is seen protecting the Ecuadorian forest against human greed.”

HHMI Tangled Bank Studios’ Sean B. Carroll on prepping “Wild Hope” for APT, PBS

Real Screen | June 5, 2023
“Tangled Bank’s latest project is the eight-part series Wild Hope, produced for American Public Television (APT) and debuting on June 1 on close to 200 U.S. public television stations and via PBS.com. The series showcases eight stories in which “eco-changemakers” are banding together to restore the planet and protect local ecology, highlighting myriad unlikely alliances.”