Restore nature now with native plants & animals

Whether farmland, backyards, or even city sidewalks — nature at all scales has been transformed by human impact… but can still be restored! Often the first and most effective strategy to healing a landscape is to pay attention to how ancestral wildlife, like native plants and animals, once shaped and strengthened these natural spaces.

Conservationists are looking towards community scientists and everyday volunteers as key players in these plans to rebuild nature. Whether that’s helping to look back and identify native species, or keeping an eye out for wildlife that’s starting to return home, these efforts need your help!

Take Notes on Nature!

The Notes from Nature community science project needs your help! For many budding conservation efforts, scientists need to understand how nature has been changed over generations — these records often exist in museum archives, but require keen participants to help spot valuable data. With this project, anyone can join the effort to help museums and scientists in their quest to better understand the history of global biodiversity.

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Identify Beaver Dams from Space

You can support beavers without leaving your home by participating in the “Beavers From Space” project. Help scientists in Alberta, Canada identify beaver dam locations in regional streams and rivers by searching through satellite imagery for beaver dams and lodges in the waterways.

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Illustration of a beaver

Find Native Plants for Your Own Rewilding

As you begin your own local rewilding journey, choosing the right plants to cultivate can be a challenging first step — and with this resource from Homegrown National Park, finding the right species of native plants is just a few clicks away!

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Illustration of a beaver