Learn How Artwork, Stories, and Outreach Lead to Action

The successful recovery of manatees in Florida’s Crystal River was made possible through the action of community members and students who rallied their support for the river’s rehabilitation. These letters, illustrations, and calls for support inspired the state to clean Crystal River of invasive algae and to replant native eel grass, allowing the manatees to return home.

Whether using your own voice or creativity to inspire action, or participating in community science efforts online, there are countless ways to get involved and empower conservation efforts near you.

Calling All Artists with a Flair for Nature!

Let your creativity run wild and join the global movement using artwork to help advocate for wildlife – just like how the community in Crystal River brought attention to their local population of manatees. From doodles to masterpieces, your art has the power to make waves around the globe. Visit Artists for Earth to inspire ideas and make a difference today – and submit your work to be featured in their community, too!

Become an Artist for Earth at earthday.org

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What Do Manatees Sound Like?

Have you ever heard a manatee call? Or heard a manatee eating food? Take a good listen to the sounds of manatees… all while helping scientists better understand how they communicate with each other! By joining the Manatee Chat online project, you can help identify, classify, and categorize manatee calls. These findings can be used to help caution boaters about manatee presence — just by listening in, you’re making a difference!

Join the conversation today at scistarter.org

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