Sea turtle facing the camera on a sandy beach with a wave in the background.

Do Your Part to Save Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are incredible ambassadors of marine conservation. As seen along coastlines in the Southern US, the efforts to protect green and loggerhead sea turtles by monitoring beaches have shown significant positive impact on those local populations — but there’s still a long road ahead to restore sea turtles worldwide.

Whether becoming a citizen scientist, or simply a vocal ally for sea turtle protection, there are easy opportunities for anyone to get involved in saving some of our favorite ocean-bound creatures.

Become a Sea Turtle Ambassador!

Anyone can become a champion for sea turtle conservation. These species are an inspiration for ocean-lovers worldwide and inspire thousands of people to take action and protect marine environments — and there are dozens of ways to make a difference! Use the Sea Turtle Conservancy list of easy actions to find the best action for you — and to help your friends, family, and community find something THEY can engage in too!

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See Plastic? Say Plastic!

Plastic pollution can be deadly to sea turtles and other marine animals. Join the Marine Debris Tracker community science project by documenting plastic pollution and help make a difference. Just report litter wherever you see it, from the ocean to your backyard. The data you collect generates scientific findings, informs policy, and inspires solutions.

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