Learn How to Help Wild Reptiles Near You

They’re not exactly furry or fuzzy, but reptiles are still in need of support from conservationists and nature-lovers worldwide. By supporting the work of herpetologists – aka reptile and amphibian scientists – and creating more reptile-friendly environments, you’re helping to build a stronger ecosystem for all types of critters.

Get involved in these initiatives to make difference near you!

HerpMapper: Snap a photo for science!

Reptiles and amphibians are especially vulnerable to habitat loss – and scientists need all of our help to track their progress. The HerpMapper community science project has created a shared platform so that you can upload photos of frogs, snakes, turtles and more to the collective database used by real researchers.

Join the project today at scistarter.org/herpmapper.

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Leave the Leaves

It might be tempting to clear your yard of leaves this time of year, but there’s a whole habitat thriving underneath the pile of orange and yellow foliage! The Leave the Leaves initiative from the National Wildlife Federation asks us all to leave behind a patch of the leaves as a seasonal home for small critters like lizards, reptiles, caterpillars, or even small mammals!

Learn more about Leave the Leaves at NWF.org

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