HHMI Tangled Bank Studios’ Sean B. Carroll on prepping “Wild Hope” for APT, PBS

From RealScreen.com:

As a developmental biologist, Sean B. Carroll has immersed himself in the stuff of life — the molecular building blocks that make us what we are, and create our surroundings.

As the head of HHMI Tangled Bank Studios — the film and television content production arm of the Maryland-headquartered Howard Hughes Medical Institute — Carroll is dedicated to sharing that knowledge, and his enthusiasm about science and nature, with audiences.

Tangled Bank’s latest project is the eight-part series Wild Hope, produced for American Public Television (APT) and debuting on June 1 on close to 200 U.S. public television stations and via PBS.com. The series showcases eight stories in which “eco-changemakers” are banding together to restore the planet and protect local ecology, highlighting myriad unlikely alliances.

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