As both an avid big game hunter and raptor biologist, Bryan continues to shape the national conversation on lead-free hunting. For over 15 years, Bryan has been a leading scientist documenting the link between lead-based ammunition and ingestion in wildlife, with seven peer-reviewed publications on the topic. He has successfully led local lead-free initiatives in Wyoming, including conducting shooting demos and delivering free/discounted lead-free ammunition to hunters. After providing clear scientific evidence that using lead-free ammunition reduces lead poisoning in bald eagles, Bryan wanted to help steer the conversation away from any type of anti-hunting message or distrust in science.  
He co-founded and is Director of Sporting Lead-Free to promote an unbiased, non-political message within our community about the benefits of using lead-free sporting options to preserve both our hunting heritage and amazing Wyoming wildlife. Living in western Wyoming for the past 20 years, Bryan enjoys summers in the drift boat and late-fall chasing antelope and elk. He is a proud father of two young Wyomingites that are being taught all things wildlife and Wyoming.

Topics of Interest