Aida Magaña Manzzo is a nautical engineer who was born in Panama and graduated from the Maritime University International of Panama in 2012. She has served in thermoelectric plants, mechanical service companies and aboard ships, as well as in Naval Mechanics Workshop. In 2022, she graduated from the Technological University of Panama, in the Master’s and Postgraduate in Environmental Engineering program. During her studies she was introduced to Callie, who informed her of the beautiful nature conservation project in the Pearl Islands. She became a community leader for the start of the Saboga Wildlife Refuge. She has actively participated in the creation of the refuge, developed by The Leatherback Project, where she has been able to learn everything about the conservation and protection of marine species, the importance of creating a protected area, and the benefits it brings to communities. In March 2023, she and Callie were recognized as Islands Hope Spot Champions.

Topics of Interest