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  • Rewilding Tijuca National Park

    To restore the park to its former glory, researchers knew which animals needed to be reintroduced: monkeys, rodents, tortoises, and even dung beetles all played crucial roles in keeping the forest healthy.

    Rewilding Tijuca National Park
  • Meet the Agouti!

    Agoutis are large, adorable rodents found in Central and South America – and they’re critical players in keeping forest ecosystems healthy.

    Meet the Agouti!
  • The Salmon “Nutrient Express”

    Removing dams from the Elwha River allows salmon to return upstream—and bring precious nutrients from the sea that eventually spread throughout the forest.

    The Salmon “Nutrient Express”
  • The Elwha Klallam Tribe

    For decades, the Lower Elwha Klallam tribe fought to remove unwelcome dams on their river—and finally won.

    The Elwha Klallam Tribe
  • A Bioblitz in Ecuador

    Young volunteers from the Reserva Youth Land Trust are exploring the jungles of Ecuador to survey, photograph, and identify species—and to help protect their right to exist.

    A Bioblitz in Ecuador
  • Protecting the Rights of Nature

    The Reserva Land Trust has rallied together young people from across 25 countries to create the world’s first youth-funded nature reserve in Ecuador.

    Protecting the Rights of Nature
  • Restoring a Forest with Controlled Burns

    People are setting fire to pine forests in North Carolina to help protect an endangered woodpecker, and many other creatures as well.

    Restoring a Forest with Controlled Burns
  • An Unlikely Partnership

    On an army base in North Carolina, soldiers and scientists have turned their conflict over an endangered species into collaboration—and conservation success.

    An Unlikely Partnership
  • How Beaver Dams Are Built

    The lodges and wetlands that beavers build aren’t just places for their families to live and sleep (and snore!) — they’re havens where many wild creatures can thrive.

    How Beaver Dams Are Built
  • The Return of Britain’s Beavers

    Beavers are back in England for the first time in 400 years, and their dams are already protecting villages from flood and helping farmers in times of drought.

    The Return of Britain’s Beavers