Support Axolotls & Other Salamanders

With a god-like ability to regenerate lost body parts, feather-like gills, and surprising cuteness, axolotls are endlessly fascinating. Today, axolotl appreciation reaches far beyond the Xochimilco lake complex. Thanks in part to their inclusion in the popular computer game Minecraft, axolotls have a growing global fandom.

Unfortunately there are more axolotls living in captivity than in the wild. As their pet popularity continues to rise, so does the risk of increasing demand for wild-caught axolotls. Here are some ideas for how you can help this beloved endangered species and other salamanders.

"Adopt" an Axolotl

Love axolotls? Join the Ecological Restoration Laboratory’s Axolotl Adoption Program and help support the rehabilitation of the axolotl habitat, conserving local wildlife and strengthening chinampa farming practices.

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Illustration of a axolotl

A gloved hand holds an axolotl

Protect Salamanders And Other Wildlife In Your Community

Ready to roll up your sleeves and help some salamanders? Join HerpMapper, a global cooperative project, and share your amphibian and reptile observations with scientists working to study and protect wildlife in your region.

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Promote Ethical Pet Ownership

If you are thinking about becoming an axolotl pet owner, help support the recovery of wild axolotls by only purchasing captive-bred animals. Responsible pet owners can also become advocates for axolotl conservation efforts and help educate others about these fascinating animals.

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Illustration of a axolotl

A woman in a medical face mask looks at an axolotl in a glass tank.