Make a Difference Protecting Local Birds

In addition to the impact of avian malaria, Hawai’i’s endangered honeycreepers are threatened by habitat loss and invasive predators — two problems that harm native bird populations everywhere, likely in your own back yard.

Whether you’re looking to help Hawai’i’s birds, or if you’re hoping to make a difference to protect birds locally, the solutions come in all shapes and sizes.

Plant a Tree, Save a Honeycreeper

Join the mission to restore Maui’s high-elevation forests and save the native honeycreepers. By participating in the Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project’s Plant a Tree Program, your involvement helps the organization reintroduce the Kiwikiu to its once-thriving habitat on the southeast slope of Haleakalā. Learn more about these restoration efforts and make a difference in preserving Maui’s unique ecosystem.

Find out more at the Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project.

Illustration of a hummingbird

Help Keep Birds Safe from Housecats

Did you know that domesticated outdoor cats are the number one threat to birds, killing around 2.4 billion birds in the U.S. every year? The great news is that there are ways to make both cats and native local birds safer and healthier — like using cat harnesses and anti-predation devices.

Learn more about Safe Solutions for Pet Cats from the American Bird Conservancy.

Illustration of a hummingbird