Celebrate Gorongosa Park & Its People

For decades, Gorongosa National Park has supported both its resident wildlife and families residing in communities surrounding the park through investments in eco-friendly agriculture (like sustainable, shade-grown coffee) and research-driven wildlife management. This work supports the park’s farmers and provides education opportunities for girls living in the neighboring communities.

Celebrate Gorongosa National Park by exploring and engaging with these opportunities.

Support Gorongosa National Park

Gorongosa National Park has become one of the most celebrated wildlife restoration stories in Africa, balancing the needs of wildlife and people. Through its Coffee Program, Gorongosa National Park is employing farmers on Mount Gorongosa and using 100% of coffee profits to fund girls’ education, conservation and biodiversity protection.

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Watch 'Our Gorongosa'

After a quarter century of civil war and political turmoil wiped out more than 95% of the large mammal population, a decade of renewed protection and careful conservation has brought the park back from the brink. Our Gorogonsa tells the story of this park, its people, and a new vision for conservation in the 21st Century, where people and animals must coexist—to the benefit of them all.

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Drink Shade-Grown Coffee

Discover more about the significance of shade-grown coffee and its positive impact on local wildlife populations by exploring the Smithsonian’s bird-friendly coffee guide.

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Help Researchers with WildCam: Gorongosa

Become a citizen scientist and participate in the international, digital effort: WildCam Gorongosa. With the latest influx of new wildlife back into Gorongosa Park—and the need for scientists to closely track these rebounding animal populations—researchers need volunteers to review trail-cam photos and spot wildlife to be monitored and studied across the park.

And for educators, the interactive is also fully designed with lesson plans and supporting materials for use in the classroom, too.

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